If you want people to roll their eyes with jealousy, roll the dice with our new game "Lucky dice" Sic-bo! Unique game mechanics integrates a great solutions which ensures a smooth operation, preventing the dices being placed on top of each other or over the border. Sic-bo is any player's heaven. A pair of dice paradise.

Smart design / almost infinite combinations

Secure and unbeatable

The winning dice is read using RFID readers.

Time is money

The speed of the game also allows operators to run more game cycles per hour. Players are more entertained by a faster paced experience than by many traditional table games.

Cutting edge led technology

Our products use amazing led signalization the tell the story of the game. A player can be standing by the cabinet of view it with the corner of the eye from across the room and know where the game stands at every moment.

Fully customized materials

Customers have the option to choose the final finish of the center consoles and player stations. Signalization, illuminations and material can be customized to fit the customer's’ requirements.