Roulette Grand Crystal by Zuum has been developed by the R&D department with the latest technological solutions in high-end cylinders, hardware, software, 3D graphics, HiFi audio and Full HD monitors with excellent ergonomic design for player. All this will contribute to meet the most demanding customers in the casinos, bingo halls and amusement arcades.

Smart design / almost infinite combinations

Roulette 2.0
Roulette 4.0
Roulette 6.0
Roulette 8.0
Roulette 2.0
Roulette 4.0
Roulette 6.0
Roulette 8.0
Roulette 5.0
Roulette 10.0
Roulette 12.0

Advanced in every aspect

ZUUM Innovative gaming systems has developed several specific electronic table games to provide customers with numerous players’ attractions. Cabinet and display configurable combinations allow operators to best utilize their available floor space and to offer their customers a total entertaining casino experience.

Cabinet illumination

Colorful led illumination is key to visual attraction. Advanced use of led illumination technology allows our product to become immediately noticeable in a room. All products have carefully integrated flashing and animated led illumination.

Active LED interaction

Our products use amazing led signalization to attract players to the game. Every choice and function that a player presses is followed by some kind of interactive led signalization. This feature gives the player a sense of game response that lifts the entertainment level.

Attractive and trendy

The overall impact of ZUUM products is eye catching. We have done extensive research among Roulette players to gain the knowledge how to produce attractive and innovative graphics that seem fresh and unseen to players.

Our customers can offer their players different games such as




ZUUM has received overwhelming feedback form field testing out revolutionary bingo machine the AIR BING. its been on the floor for two months and has been played literally from doors open till closed. Players have reported that the pace of the game makes it more exciting and fun. 



ZUUM launches multi gaming Theater. The setups contain various games, either fully automated or dealer assisted. The arena can be configured with any number of players station, to best utilise the the operators available space. 


ZUUM @ ICE Totally gaming was a total SUCCESS

ZUUM is happy to announce that our presence at the ICE Totally gaming exhibition in London this year (2016) was a total success. We impressed gaming operators with our new mega top interactive display (as on picture) and new revolutionary electronic table game the AirBING. Orders are coming in.

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