It's a revolution in electronic Bingo table games. A mechanical innovation where balls are scoped up one after another shortening the game cycle giving players more excitement and offering more opportunity for operators to profit.

Smart design / almost infinite combinations

Air Bing 10.0
Air Bing 12.0

Cabinet illumination

Colorful led illumination is key to visual attraction. Advanced use of led illumination technology allows our product to become immediately noticeable in a room. All products have carefully integrated flashing and animated led illumination.

Secure and unbeatable

The ball is read using RFID readers.

Active LED interaction

Our products use amazing led signalization to attract players to the game. Every choice and function that a player presses is followed by some kind of interactive led signalization. This feature gives the player a sense of game response that lifts the entertainment level.

Attractive and trendy

The overall impact of ZUUM products is eye catching. We have done extensive research among players to gain the knowledge how to produce attractive and innovative graphics that seem fresh and unseen to players.

Our customers can offer their players different games such as